"" A ChatGPT detection tool is GPTZero.

A ChatGPT detection tool is GPTZero.

 A tool called GPTZero checks content for plagiarism created by AI programs like ChatGPT.

When ChatGPT was released, many people, including students, used the AI program to either help with or finish an assignment. But, a new app has been made available to check for writing done by AI.

GPTZero, developed by Edward Tian in three days, utilizes ChatGPT against itself to identify AI-generated material.

ChatGPT detectors in 2023

Everyone can use the free tool, but academics, in particular, should use it to check student papers for artificial intelligence plagiarism. The application's terms of service indicate various payments for specific services, along with a 30-day free trial for newly registered users.

Several users on the internet question the accuracy of GPTZeros, especially in light of the developer's admission that the accuracy might not be 100%.

Users can access GPTZero through this site to submit files that need to be evaluated or input text into the appropriate boxes.

A solution like GPTZero was required to ensure that the reliance on AI services didn't spiral out of control because ChatGPT had enabled users to abuse the service for academic purposes with free access.

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