"" Imran Khan blasts the government for their burdensome mini-budget

Imran Khan blasts the government for their burdensome mini-budget

Imran Khan does not believe that the IMF bailout will improve the nation's economic situation.

Imran Khan has criticized the coalition government he said foresees no change in the nation's economic situation if the current government were to comply with IMF proposals.

Imran Khan speak to the nation on Wednesday and said The mini budget will increase inflation. New elections are the only option for solving Pakistan's issues.

The Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2023 was introduced by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in both the lower and higher houses of parliament.  In order to fulfill the requirements for accessing the 1.1 billion $ IMF loan share.

Imran Khan criticized the failings of the economy since the collapse of his government. Under the PTI leadership the probability of default was 5%. Right now we are on track with SriLanka. Pakistan has moved very closer to default.

Imran Khan blasts coalition government for their burdensome mini-budget.

Imran Khan was dismissed from office in April following a vote of no confidence. He warned that following the terms of the lender with Washington D.C. office wouldn't help Pakistan's faltering economy.

He sighed and complained that the mini-budget will just raise the burden on the citizens. As he looked the raising costs of utilities and pharmaceuticals many of which recently experienced huge prices.

Khan continued by pointing out that the nation was currently experiencing its most significant inflation in the previous 50 years and this mini-budget will lead to a rise in the price of petrol and energy. He further said While industrial production was increasing it has suddenly decreased the closure of Faisalabad's factories.

He strongly criticised PDM leaders like Fazlur Rehman and Bilawal Bhutto for organising marches against inflation while he was in office. But later approved prices imposed by the present government.

Imran Khan also claimed that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had been more effective during the PTI's tenure in office.

"During our administration the NAB recovered Rs480 billion compared to Rs160 billion under the PTI. On the other hand The current government has obtained 1,100 billion in pardons related to corruption charges.

The opposition has criticised Imran Khan's government which is expected to pass a controversial mini-budget today.

In his assessment of the economy of the country he highlighted that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income had declined. The rupee has lost 90% of its value against the dollar.

Khan said that our balances have gone below $3 billion putting the security of the country in danger. The nation's economic issues could not be solved only by taking more loans.

Furthermore the loans must be repaid. He expressed his unhappiness with the IMF bailout package's expectations and said that the distribution of the money will lead to the buildup of even more loans.

Pakistan would remain trapped in its existing state even if the IMF is approved.

Imran Khan also criticised Ishaq Dar for making promises to weaken the currency and the government for failing to give a road map for repairing the country.

He said they had been stealing individuals for the last 30 years.

He further said that new elections were required to create a public mandate and a government that people could trust to make tough decisions to address the economic crisis.

'Shocking' news

A PTI dissident MNA named Noor Alam Khan spoke out against the mini budget on the National Assembly floor. He said that an increase in the price of power would be too much for the nation's population who are already suffering from inflation.

He criticised the rising cost of medicinal products. Those medicines that cost Rs. 15 before now cost Rs. 100

He additionally voiced the issue of power rises, requesting the house to stop giving free units of energy. By saying that 1,300 units of free electricity are given to authorized members of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) while those who are poor are forced to pay bills.

He said that WAPDA staff have luxurious salaries, cars and other benefits.

People are fed up with the load shedding while the police enjoy their leisure time in air conditioned apartments.

He also criticized the coalition government's pledge to forgive debts. Why didn't they forgive the debts of the flood victims? It was completely unfair that only slogans were kept for poor.

Noor labelled tax collectors as "thieves" and said If you tax people you must offer them some facilities as well.

The senator demanded that institutions reduce spending and that it be done through green routes. We have to figure out where the dollars allocated for Afghanistan are going.

Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali a Jamaat-e-Islami (J.I.) MNA addressed in the house and criticised Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for keeping to policies despite the PDM administration's calls for simplicity.

The National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf stopped them and said You cannot make comments here discuss the objection issue.

Chitrali maintained his position and the speaker repeated his claim the JI MP remarked If I can't make a speech, I'll make a quorum point.

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