"" Pervez Musharraf demise at the age of 79.

Pervez Musharraf demise at the age of 79.

According to military officials senior leader of Pakistan passed away in a Dubai hospital after a long illness. He was died on 5 February 2023. We pray for his higher level in Jannah. Allah bless his grieving family and his deceased soul.

Politicians from Pakistan have sent several tributes and sympathy messages. When Pakistan was separated from India he came to Pakistan in 1947. He joined Pakistan army in 1964. He took charge in 1999. Musharraf was a four star general rule over ten years.

Musharraf gave the daring image from Pkistan side after the incident of 9/11. He was the partner of the US who provided a certain amount of security in the region. He ensuring American attack on Afghanistan when he took office without any violent coup in late 1999. In 2008 he resigned and left his country.

Pervez Musharraf demise at the age of 79.

In 2018 it was found that his health was rapidly going down. He was suffring from Amyloidosis a disease that damage organs. Amyloidosis was the cause of death of Pervaiz Musharraf. He was on wheelchair and bed for a very long time. Senior military persons sent their heartfelt condolences on his death. Officials are gathered to pray for him.

President Arif Alvi prayed for his eternal rest and deceased soul. He give courage to his family to deal this situation. The family of Pervaiz Musharraf is gathering to decide when to return his body. A statement from the nation's army announced that the former EX president Pervaiz Musharraf passed away.

Pervaiz Musharraf was a former commando in the special forces. Where he was elected president in the most recent military takeovers that rocked Pakistan since it was established. After the brutal 1947 Indian partition. He avoided countless murder attempts since he was on the front lines of the conflict between militant Islamists and the West. After 9/11 he supports the US war on terror despite domestic resistance.

Pervez Musharraf, a former leader of Pakistan, passes away at age 79.

After losing the election in 2008 he left the country. In 2013 he tried again to compete the eclection but this time he was disqualified. He was charged with major assassination and given the death penalty in his absence. But less than a month the decision was reversed. He has been living in isolation in Pakistan since he traveled to Dubai in 2016 for medical care.

On Sunday morning in the hospital Musharraf passed away. His family requested that his body returned to Pakistan via flight from the United Arab Emirates.

Career affected by controversy.

The presidency of Musharraf was defined internationally. Some people gave him credit for enhancing the country's economic prospects.

He got trapped in large number of cases. He was charged to not protecting former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto enough. In 2007 Taliban killed Bhutto in Pakistan shockingly.

In 2019 he got arrested and given a silent death sentence for his conspiracy. which embarrassed him and destroyed his career. After the reversal of the decision he choose not to return to Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf demise at the age of 79.

Fawad Chaudhury.

Fawad Chaudhury was a former adviser of Musharraf. He is now the main representative in the party of Imran Khan. He praised Musharraf by Ignoring his actions and their impact on Pakistan.

There has no more solid democracy than till now. In fact he was referred to as a military dictator. Fawad Chaudhury said Pakistanis consider Pervez Musharraf leadership was one of the most successful for their country's history.

According to the CEO of the research tank Tabadlab Mosharraf Zaidi, Musharraf was accountable for the destruction of Pakistan under his tenure.

Many Indians saw Musharraf as an enemy because of his role in Kargil in 1999. when Pakistani generals covertly authorized an operation to capture heights in Kargil on the Indian side. At that time Musharraf was leading the operation.

In the perspective of Former UN official Shashi Tharoor, he observed that the man who had once been India's worst enemy had worked for peace from 2002 to 2007.

He said about Musharraf that he was brilliant, engaging, and clear in his strategic thinking. During the years he saw him yearly at the UN.

His supporters will tell you that he did incredible things for their nation. He was the one who allowed numerous private stations to get on air and have critical discussions, ushering in a revolution in Pakistan's electronic media. He gave access to media to open up their views. But the media's increased access also proved to be his demise.

In his tenure Pakistan was growing successfully in all departments.

Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf passes away in Dubai.

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