Regarding Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West about nuclear weapons on Tuesday. He also said the suspension of a historic atomic arms limitation pact, the deployment of new strategic systems for conflict, and the possibility that Moscow may resume nuclear tests.

Over a year after ordering an invasion that resulted in the most significant dispute with the West since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Putin declared that Moscow would achieve its military objectives and accused the West of attempting to destroy Russia.


"The elites in the West are clear about their objectives. 

Putin, the uncompromising leader of his country's political and military establishment, said: "But, they must also understand that Russia cannot be defeated militarily.

Putin announced that Russia suspended its participation in the New Start Treaty, the last significant arms control agreement between Moscow and Washington. He warned the United States that it escalated the fight into a worldwide confrontation.

The agreement, signed in 2010 by then-U.S. President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, places a cap on the number of strategic nuclear warheads each nation can deploy 2026 was meant to be the end date.

Russian participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty will be suspended, and I am compelled to announce today," Putin stated. The Russian leader said, without providing any evidence, that some people in Washington were considering restarting nuclear tests. This is why, in his view, the Russian Ministry of Defence and Nuclear Company must be ready to test atomic bombs when necessary.

We won't carry out this first, of course. We will, however, if American tests are carried out. According to Putin, nobody should believe that the world's strategic parity can be eliminated.

"I put new ground-based strategic systems on combat duty by executive order last week. Are they going to pounce on the opportunity as well?

It was initially unclear which ground-based systems had been tasked with combat duty. When he said that Ukraine had tried to target a place deep inside Russia, home to several nuclear bombers, Putin was referring to the Engels air base.

Russia and the United States are the most considerable nuclear powers maintaining sizable Cold War-era atomic arsenals. They contain 90% of the nuclear weapons in existence.

The New Start Treaty restricted the number of warheads that each side may deploy on heavy bombers, submarine ballistic missiles, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. By 2018, the main limitations were met by both sides.


In essence, Putin is threatening that if the West doesn't back off in Ukraine, he can remove the framework for nuclear arms control, including the great powers' ban on atomic testing.

China has warned against nuclear escalation to the Ukrainian crisis as its top diplomat Wang Yi landed in Moscow on Tuesday.

The Ukraine crisis is the Kremlin's largest wager since at least the Soviet Union's demise in 1991, and Western leaders like U.S. President Joe Biden, who visited Kyiv on Monday, say Putin must lose.

Since the conflict's beginning, Russian forces have had three significant battlefield setbacks, although they still hold around one-fifth of Ukraine. On both sides, tens of thousands of men have died.

Putin pledged to continue speaking for an additional hour and 45 minutes until he achieved his goals in Ukraine while addressing the crowd before a big emblem featuring the two-headed eagle of Russia and eight Russian tricolor flags.

Putin accused the NATO alliance, which the United States leads, of stoking the crisis under the delusion that it could defeat Russia in a world war.

They want to escalate a local dispute into a phase of international conflict. Given that our nation's existence is at stake, we will respond following how we understand everything, according to Putin.

According to the United States, Beijing's possible consideration of providing Russia with weapons raises the possibility that the Ukraine war will escalate into a conflict between Russia and China on the one hand and Ukraine and the NATO military alliance, which is led by the United States, on the other.



Putin attempted to defend the war by claiming it had been forced upon Russia and that he knew the suffering of the families of those who had died in battle, in addition to promising to continue the war and warning the West of a worldwide conflict.

The West and Ukraine disagree with that thesis and argue that NATO's eastward expansion since the end of the Cold War does not justify what they see as an imperialistic land grab that will never succeed.

According to Putin, the Kyiv dictatorship and its Western rulers, who practically occupy this country in the political, military, and economic senses, have turned the Ukrainian people into enslaved people.

"They want to escalate a regional conflict into a global conflict. Since it concerns the continuation of our nation, this is precisely how we interpret everything and respond.

The 70-year-old head of the Kremlin added that the majority of Russians back the war and that Russia would never succumb to Western attempts to split its society.

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