"" Shahid Afridi shamed Amir for his action or remarks toward Babar

Shahid Afridi shamed Amir for his action or remarks toward Babar

During Thursday encounter between Karachi Kings and Islamabad United a left-arm bowler lost his calm. In the first two games for Karachi Kings in the 8th season of the HBL Pakistan Super League Shahid Afridi a former Pakistan cricketer texted Amir and reprimanded him for his conduct on the field. The renowned Pakistani cricketer also dismissed reports regarding his friendship with Babar and stated that both individuals had respect for each other. Babar and me respect and understand each other. He never said anything poorly of me and I never did too. However the general public views us as rivals. The left-arm bowler revealed It was never like that.

On Thursday Amir lost his composure during the Karachi Kings vs. Islamabad United game. Speaking on a local television station the former all-rounder said he counseled the left-arm bowler not to destroy his reputation with needless theatrics.

Shahid Afridi shamed Amir for his action or remarks toward Babar

I leave a message for a player to call me whenever he doesn't perform or even if he does Likewise yesterday I wrote Amir a letter. I spoke to him politely but I also scolded him. What do you want? That is what I asked Amir. After facing a stain on your reputation due to the respect you had earned you recovered.In a sense your existence has changed. What even are you attempting? Said Afridi.

Is this how we should play? You are using foul language while juniors are nearby. Some fans find that discouraging. Even though we have uttered similar words the camera has occasionally caught us doing so. Families and little children are watching you on TV. Aggression is acceptable but keep it in check advised Afridi. Shahid Afridi also mentioned Amir's Tuesday on-field altercation earlier this week with Peshawar Zalmi although Pakistan captain Babar Azam.

After Babar Azam successfully flipped Amir for a boundary during his 68-run innings the left-arm bowler became upset and desperately hurled the following ball Babar's way.

Babar is the only player you can play with, if you want to represent Pakistan on the field. Are you going to be able to meet his eyes? Can you compete with his leadership? Focus on your performance restrain your rage and return home in peace, Afridi said. According to the former Pakistani captain the pacer understood his criticism and expressed regret for his behavior. He apologized and thanked me for noticing Shahid Afridi said.

Amir's behavior with Babar Azam on the pitch was criticized by Shahid Afridi

Regarding Shahid Afridi's allegations involving his behaviour towards Peshawar Zalmi captain Babar Azam during the eighth Pakistan Super League (PSL) season Mohammad Amir has reacted.

Amir has at last spoken up in response to Afridi's accusation. The left-arm bowler admitted in an interview that he had received a message from Afridi but it had nothing to do with the incident that Afridi had explained. Amir adds that Afridi complimented his bowling while inquired about his physical health in the message.

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