"" Virat Kohli Career profile records and stats

Virat Kohli Career profile records and stats


In 2008 an aggressive, energetic child with gelled hair spiked at fame after leading India and win  Under 19 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur. Virat Kohli is undoubtedly a standout in Indian squad full of devoted heroes.

Work tirelessly to succeed.

In 2008 Virat Kohli got permission to start batting in the ODI series rather than usual openers. Throughout his entire career as an opener he gave some outstanding performances and India win the ODI series.

In Delhi 20 year old kept his outstanding form gave hits and proved that he deserves a much higher level. Junior cricket failed to measure his excellent standards. In 2009 Kohli travelled to Australia for the Young Players tournament where he secured his control over the bowling. He made big match attitude to his profile as he coached his team to a dominant win over South Africa in the championship match. The little talent concluded the competition with 398 runs in 7 innings keeping the selectors' attention. He was just old enough to receive his man of the match.

VIRAT KOHLI indian cricket player

Building national standards.

The selectors gave Kohli another chance to play for India. This time he combined a series of outstanding runs. In 2009 he grabbed their attention by getting his first ODI hundred in a heroic run chase against SriLanka. In 2011 after losing the first wicket in the World Cup final Kohli and his  partner Gautam Gambhir made partnership. They made 83 run together. This inning set the stage and the result is India won the World Cup.

He was same as fire.

The captain and selectors kept going with him in third Test. where he delivered a game changing performance. His strategy was also quite unique. He gave his back foot strokes throughout the innings. The dangerous Kohli was able to cover up his inappropriate behavior with his performance in the last Test of the series. In Australia Kohli showed an outstanding capacity to focus under pressure and a burning desire for success.

Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar: data analysis after 500 international matches

Those historic inning.

There will always be remember that one inning  where he started as a youngster and finished as a man. M.S Dhoni criticized the Sri Lankan bowlers after they stupidly claimed that India had already been eliminated from the competition. He tried harder to score 133. India set up an unbelievable total of 321 from 40 overs to remain in the competition.

Precise his batting strategy.

He has an extremely noisy slightly unusual technique that allows him to calculate the length of the ball sooner than most people do. He is renowned for being a run seeking, aggressive batter. He is skilled at handling pace and spin and never comes off as uneasy at the crease. When the situation calls for it, he is recognised for having rapid footwork against spinners.

VIRAT Kohli admits there was no support for him when he resigned as captain.

An upgrade in strategies and competence.

Kohli lead the opening Test in Adelaide due to an injury of normal captain MS Dhoni. After a bad tour of England Commentators were doubtful of Kohli's performance in Australia for the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Kohli showed in the first Test in Adelaide that he was not have been more inaccurate with two effortless hundreds. Over the period of this tour he continued to hit 400. To say that he had silenced on his critics would be an exaggeration at this point.

Virat Kohli was expected to be a key player as India got ready for their 2015 World Cup. specially with the comment "Won't give it back" creating headlines. Thanks to Kohli's contribution a stroke filled hundred against Pakistan. India maintained their perfect record in ICC events against their closest rivals.

T20 and IPL leadership.

He batted in very sensible way, hitting boundaries with impressive peace and his supremacy in the World T20 continued. he maintained his extraordinary form in the format by scoring a stunning 89 against the West Indies in the semifinal. He ended up receiving the Player of the Tournament award for the second consecutive T20 World Cup.  Kohli blasted 973 runs in the 2016 IPL. The highest total of any batsman.

According to Virender Sehwag, India would like to win the 2023 World Cup for Virat Kohli.

The IPL over the years.

Before the start of 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL) Virat Kohli showcased his confidence on  Royal Challengers by saying that he may finish off his career with the Bangalore based Royal Challengers. Kohli has built a strong bond with the organization and its supporters. He is the only player of a single team for the entire competition.

In 2008 when he was added in the team Kohli was a young rising star. Before settling down with Daniel Vettori he took advice from Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. He was the only player remaining in 2011. 

Kohli's performance in World Cup throughout his career.

Participating in the big tournaments and won  World Cup is surely the best era of his generation. He is one of the greatest ODI hitters of all time and won the title for the junior team in 2008. In 2011 during his debut World Cup Kohli completed a flawless hundred against Bangladesh. Kohli had a quiet World Cup after a strong start. He scored a historic 35 in the decisive match to save. He chases with Gambhir and creates an environment for a second World Cup victory. After a series of standout performances, Kohli was ready to take over as India's greatest hitter for the year (2015).

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