"" Before the official announcement next week, Australia's new fleet of nuclear-powered submarines is beginning to emerge.

Before the official announcement next week, Australia's new fleet of nuclear-powered submarines is beginning to emerge.

The Australian government's $100 billion ambitions for nuclear-powered submarines under the AUKUS alliance will soon receive a major announcement from the federal government.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese departed India for the United States. On Monday, he will attend the historic speech in San Diego alongside President Joseph Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

To confront China in the Indo-Pacific, the US, UK, and Australia originally unveiled the AUKUS plan in 2021. The US and UK agreed to allow Australia to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Up to five nuclear-powered American Virginia class submarines are anticipated to be purchased by Australia.

Australia's new fleet of nuclear-powered submarines is beginning to emerge

According to rumors, the strategy will involve several stages, including the arrival of a new class of submarines using British designs and American technologies and at least one US submarine visiting Australian ports in the near future.

Mr. Albanese stated on Saturday that the project was also about Australian employment, notably manufacturing and shipbuilding jobs in South Australia and Western Australia.

When asked how crucial it was to have a second dry dock in Western Australia to supplement the one in Sydney as the submarines arrived, Mr. Albanese hinted at the upcoming announcement.

When asked about the significant expense, Mr. Albanese said he would explain to the Australian people why it was desirable in light of the deficit hole in the government's spending plan.

Before leaving for the US, he stated in New Delhi, "Sure, we will. "Australia has significant obstacles. There are significant strains on spending in defense and other areas, as we have stated very frankly.

Mr. Albanese highlighted the necessity for the government to be ready to "make some difficult decisions" in the months leading up to the introduction of the 2023–24 budget in May.

Mr. Albanese disputed China's criticism of the submarine plans last week. He asserted that Australia could strengthen its military while fostering better ties with Beijing and other Indo-Pacific nations.

We must make sure that Australia's defense resources are as effective as possible, he added, adding that this is a constant view.

"We also need to develop relationships at the same time. We're doing that throughout the Indo-Pacific, and most recently, our relationship with China has also improved.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, efforts to combat climate change, and issues with the world economy, such as inflation and energy costs, will also be on the agenda when Mr. Albanese meets with Mr. Biden and Mr. Sunak.

"Australia, the US, and the UK have a shared interest in sustaining peace and defending the laws and institutions that secure our area and the world," he said in a statement on Saturday.

As prime minister, Mr. Albanese is making his first official trip to the US. The AUKUS project has been referred to be the "greatest stride forward in our military capability that we have since the end of the Second World War" by Defence Minister Richard Marles.

A capable submarine, according to him, is the only thing that makes an enemy pause.

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