"" What kind of allegations are on Donald Trump

What kind of allegations are on Donald Trump

Joseph Tacopina says his client is prepared for a fight.

He worries that the grand jury's indictment because of its wide-reaching repercussions, directly threatens the legal system for all Americans.

According to Donald Trump's attorney, the former president is facing serious criminal accusations but his knees don't buckle, and there is zero possibility that he will accept a plea bargain.

During an interview Joe Tacopina stated that his client is ready to battle" and will not hole up in his opulent Mar-a-Lago golf property in Florida.

Trump charged by a jury trial in New York over an allegation of hush money payment to film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election campaign made the statement as he was getting ready for a photo, fingerprinting, and court appearance.

Though the specifics of his allegations are unknown he is facing about 30 of them.

He added that Trump wouldn't be handcuffed when he is taken into custody because it has been verified that a Tuesday arraignment hearing will occur during which Trump will enter a plea.

According to reports Daniels received the $130,000 (£105,000) payment in exchange for her quiet on an adulterous affair ten years prior.

The 76-year-old is the first ex-US president to be accused of a crime in court, even as he aspires to succeed Joe Biden as president in 2024.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Trump's closest competitor for the GOP nomination according to bookies.

donald trump and stormy daniel case

The likelihood that Trump will testify in court early next week threatens to polarise the most powerful nation further.

He had been trying to utilize the legal threats to generate money and gather his most ardent supporters even before word of the indictment leaked.

Trump has indicated he will continue to run for office. Trump attempted to rig the election, and his fraudulent allegations of poll fraud ignited the murderous assault on the US Capitol on 06 January 2021.

The businessman has consistently criticized the probe conducted by Democrat district attorney Alvin Bragg and denied any misconduct calling the charges political persecution.

Trump is "willing to battle this."

When asked if the former president would accept a plea agreement Mr. Tacopina responded: Nothing, nada. First off, I won't be accepting any plea agreement.

"But in this case President Trump will not accept a plea bargain. That will not take place. No crime is present."

Added him: "His knees do not give way. As a result I believe he is now prepared to battle this."

But Mr. Tacopina acknowledged that the indictment centers around a lawful quite standard confidentiality agreement that was signed years ago despite his claim that he was not particularly aware of the substance of the claims against Mr. Trump.

Nothing more than that he continued "is truly what makes this shocking."

He claimed that the choice to charge Trump with a crime would have wide-reaching repercussions and endanger the rule of law for all Americans.

He said Now it's Donald Trump, tomorrow a Democrat, the day after that it's your friend and the day after that it's you or me.

The Manhattan district attorney's office confirmed that prosecutors had contacted Donald Trump's legal team to arrange a surrender.

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