"" why President Trump is being investigated

why President Trump is being investigated

The former US president has referred to the charges against him as "political persecution," and his attorneys have pledged to "vigorously contest" them.

A criminal case against Donald Trump has been filed due to allegations that he paid an adult film actress hush money.

A New York grand jury decided to indict Donald Trump for alleged crimes connected to a $130,000 (£105,000) payment made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

It was purportedly given to Daniels in exchange for her silence on a purported sexual encounter she claimed to have had with Trump ten years prior.

Even as he runs for president again in 2024, he is the first ex-US president to be charged with a crime.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed to be "totally innocent" and referred to the charges as "political persecution," with his attorneys promising to "vigorously battle" them.

The Manhattan district attorney's investigation centered on the possibility that cash was offered to Daniels and former Glamour model Karen McDougal, who Trump allegedly feared would come forward with claims that they had extramarital encounters with him.

The 76-year-old Trump has denied having affairs with both women.

Michael Cohen, who served as Trump's former personal solicitor, said he coordinated the payments to Daniels, named Stephanie Clifford, and McDougal with Trump.

Cohen admitted to violating campaign finance laws in 2018 regarding the payments and was sentenced to more than a year in jail.

According to federal prosecutors, Cohen followed Trump's instructions.

In their mania to "Get Trump," the Democrats have lied, looted, and committed other crimes. Still, they have done the inconceivable by accusing an innocent individual of clear election interference.

This has never been accomplished in the history of our country.

"I think this witch-hunt will backfire spectacularly on Joe Biden," he continued.

Trump was supposed to turn himself into the police the following week.

He has consistently criticized the district solicitor Alvin Bragg's probe while denying any misconduct.

His office has been looking into Trump for almost five years, and the grand jury has heard its testimony since January.

Before making an initial court appearance, Trump would have to go to the New York district attorney's office to be patted down and photographed, according to Mr. Bragg's spokesperson. 

The prosecution and Trump's defense team are now discussing a surrender date.

Trump's son criticizes the indictment.

One of Donald Trump's sons, Eric, posted on Twitter: "Third-world prosecutorial misconduct is what this is. It is the wise targeting of a political rival during an election year."

Trump asked his fans to demonstrate against the government if the former US president was imprisoned, amid recent rumors that he was about to be charged.

In a lengthy statement he released, he called the inquiry "a political witch-hunt seeking to bring down the by far front-runner in the Republican Party."

He declared, "I did nothing wrong at all," before denouncing a "corrupt, wicked, and weaponized legal system."

Among the other cases he is currently facing are a Georgia inquiry into election meddling and two federal inquiries regarding Trump's involvement in the US Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021.

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