"" French government won't yield to violence on pension reform, Macron claims.

French government won't yield to violence on pension reform, Macron claims.

During Thursday's rallies against raising the retirement age, French President Emmanuel Macron angrily criticized the violence and was determined to act on it.

During Friday's EU Summit in Brussels, Macron said at a news conference, "We will not submit to violence, and I strongly denounce violence."

In response to a pension measure that he forced through parliament without a vote, Macron is under pressure to find a solution to a problem that has resulted in some of France's worst public unrest in recent years.

Macron said the government would continue the "democratic process" to legalize the change, which is currently being considered by France's top constitutional body, despite strikes causing significant disruption in the country.

French government won't "yield to violence" on pension reform, Macron claims.

Macron stated, "The Constitutional Council is considering the pension reform, and we will await their verdict. "We're still moving forward; France can't stand still."

Once the Constitutional Council has decided on the pension reform law, the head of state added that he is prepared to speak with union leaders.

"I have indicated our willingness to move forward on topics like professional decline, the end of careers, retraining, career development, working conditions, and compensation in some areas," he stated.

I'm available if the combined unions want to meet with me to discuss any of these issues further.

A scheduled state visit by King Charles III of Britain to France has been postponed since protests are anticipated to continue the following week.

During Friday's demonstrations, Macron stated, "I think we would not be serious and lack the common sense to offer to His Majesty the King and the Queen Consort to come to perform a state visit."

According to the French president, the visit will be moved to the beginning of summer.

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