"" How to Start a YouTube Channel for Brand Building and Income

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Brand Building and Income

It could appear more difficult to start with some other social networks than learning how to launch a YouTube channel. But it's not necessary to be.

The second-most popular website in the world is YouTube, which Google owns.


There should be a presence for your brand there. On YouTube, you have a huge chance to connect with your audience. About 75% of People utilize the social video network, making it the most widely used social platform among American adults, compared to 69% who use Facebook.

More than half of those people regularly visit YouTube. It would be wonderful if they looked at your stuff while they were there, wouldn't it? Fortunately, setting up a YouTube account is simple. Launching a profitable YouTube channel takes more effort, but rest assured that we also have you covered there.

Five easy steps to creating a new YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is the first step in creating a successful one. Here is a guide to creating your account.

Step 1: Register your Google account.

You presumably already have a Google account if you use Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Play. So go straight to the next action.

If you're starting, create a new Google account here.

Don't worry about maintaining the name and email on-message because they won't be associated with your brand in the public eye. Use this key to enter the YouTube building.

Step 2: Establish a YouTube account.

You already have a personal YouTube account with your Google account. But you'll need to create a Brand Account if you want to use YouTube for your business.

Enter a name for your Brand Account by going to your YouTube account page, clicking Create a Channel, and then clicking Next. You're admitted!

Giving various people admin access and customizing the name and style of your YouTube Brand Account will help it better represent your brand.

Brand Accounts also provide you access to YouTube Analytics, which provides really useful information on who is watching your videos and what material is trending. 

Step 3: Personalize your YouTube channel.

It's time to personalize this new social networking profile.

Choose Personalize channel from the dashboard for your channel. Enter information to assist your channel to be more audience-discovery-friendly on the three tabs: Layout, Branding, and Basic Data. Use descriptive keywords to help your account appear in searches while filling out this information.

The subjects covered by your channel, your sector, questions your content might address, and featured products are all examples of keywords.

You may submit your channel graphics and icons under Branding to give your channel a distinctive appearance. Ideally, choose one that complements your overall brand and visibly links your YouTube channel to your other social media profiles and website.

We've got some editable YouTube banner templates to get you started.


Step 4: Submit your first YouTube video.

This is certainly exciting. You're about to start producing content for YouTube!

Tap the Create button in the top-right-hand corner and follow the prompts to publish your first video.

Step 5: Increase YouTube channel visibility

The adage "If you have fantastic material on YouTube, but nobody sees it" applies here. 

What is the purpose?

Make your channel and videos as easy to find as possible to attract viewers and subscribers. We have a comprehensive guide to promoting your YouTube channel if you want to go in-depth. Here is the 30-second rundown:

Video title optimization

Write concise, keyword-rich titles that are descriptive and search engine-friendly. Although titles are the first thing viewers see, they also aid search engines in understanding the content of your films. Thus, ensure each title is concise, captivating, and contains keywords.

Make your YouTube description better.

Here, too, it's crucial to be precise, concise, and descriptive. Front-load your keywords and include links to additional playlists.

Another effective method to employ in video descriptions? To make it easier for visitors to discover the information they need, create a "table of contents" with timestamps.

Check out our comprehensive guide to crafting a successful YouTube description for more detailed advice.

Add a tag (in moderation)

Make sure only to use YouTube tags pertinent to your material, despite the temptation to stuff this section with clickbait tags. Choose quality over quantity and be sincere. The objective is to connect with viewers interested in your type of material.

The YouTube algorithm can better understand your content when you use tags. Add one or more categories to ensure the search engine displays your videos to the appropriate audience.


To let your current fans know you're launching a video empire, include a link to your YouTube channel in your email signature, website, and other social media profiles.

Understand the algorithm

Now is the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the YouTube algorithm if this is your first time. Its AI also generates suggestions for the crucial "what's up next" sidebar in addition to search results.

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