"" IOC supports Russian athletes' repatriation

IOC supports Russian athletes' repatriation

Russian Olympic chief calls IOC to return standards "unacceptable."

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced criteria intended to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete in international competitions, which the head of the Russian Olympic Committee has deemed "unacceptable."

Following the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine last year, athletes from Russia and Belarus, a friend of Moscow, were prohibited from competing. Nevertheless, the guidelines unveiled at the IOC's Lausanne, Switzerland headquarters aim to facilitate a gradual return to international sport.

According to Russian news organizations, Stanislav Pozdnyakov stated during a press conference that the criteria as they have been disclosed are unacceptable.

IOC supports Russian athletes' repatriation

Ukraine's invasion by Russia prompts the US to step up efforts to tackle illegal money

Together with the roughly 20 other nations participating in this week's Summit for Democracy, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has reaffirmed the US commitment to strengthening corporate transparency.

While US President Joe Biden's administration is already working to create a new database on small business ownership, Yellen promised on Tuesday that her department would maintain the beneficial ownership registry database, ensure that law enforcement has access to it, and protect the privacy of individuals' personal information.

As a reaction to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US is stepping up its efforts to combat illicit finance to more readily identify affluent Russians allegedly sheltering stolen properties and money in the US and other countries.

Berlin: Ukrainian athletes receive a "slap in the face" from the IOC decision

A suggestion from Olympic officials that Russian and Belarusian athletes return to competition as individuals under a neutral flag with no ties to the military has drawn criticism from Berlin.

For Ukrainian athletes, the decision was described as a "slap in the face."

Ukrainian sportsmen "deserve the solidarity of world sport," according to a statement from German Minister of Sports Nancy Faeser.

"Russia's terrible war of aggression must be strongly denounced in international sport. Russian and Belarusian athletes must be completely excluded to accomplish this.

Poland condemns the Olympic officials' "day of disgrace."

After suggesting that Russian and Belarusian athletes return to competition as individuals under a neutral flag with no ties to the military, Poland has criticized Olympic officials for their "day of shame."

"What great things Russia has done to allow their athletes to compete now! Following Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel! Following the regular bombings of public places! The IOC is having a bad day. Piotr Wawrzyk, the deputy foreign minister, stated on Twitter.

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