"" Next week Gary Lineker is positioned to return to BBC.

Next week Gary Lineker is positioned to return to BBC.

According to rumors Gary Lineker is discussing with senior BBC management about returning to his regular presenting duties the following week. On Sunday Lineker emerged from hiding to walk his dog, but he kept quiet on the BBC's ongoing immigration Twitter controversy. Following the Match of the Day host's dismissal due to a tweet that he compared the government to Nazi Germany, pundits, athletes, producers and managers have boycotted the BBC. According to The Daily Telegraph there is growing optimism that Lineker will return to the screen in time for next weekend's games.

Things are moving swiftly a BBC insider told the publication adding that Director General Tim Davie has clarified that he wants to fix the issue and get the Match of the Day host back on screen. Talks between Gary and his representatives have been ongoing for several days they stated.

The next week, Gary Lineker will resume his regular presenting duties, according to senior BBC management.

When asked to comment on the Telegraph piece the BBC informed the Standard that it had nothing new to add to earlier assertions. The Sunday Women's Super League match between Chelsea and Manchester United was broadcast without a pre-game introduction. Match of the Day 2 broadcast on Saturday without commentary or punditry is anticipated to have a significantly reduced structure. On Sunday when he was approached by reporters close to his home in Barnes Mr. Lineker said: "I can't say anything."

Such inquiries include Do you continue to work for the BBC? and Have you recently spoken with Tim Davie? as well as "Have you spoken with BT or Sky?" were asked of him. and Will this be the last time you present? without replying. It follows Jermain Defoe's decision to withdraw from his role as a pundit on Match of the Day 2.

Gary Lineker is "positioned to return to BBC" next week.

The BBC stated on Friday that it was temporarily removing Lineker from his presenting duties after he seemed to violate impartiality rules by criticizing the government's immigration policies. There isn't a significant influx the 62 year old celebrity tweeted. We accept significantly fewer refugees than most other major European nations.

This approach intended for the most vulnerable people is enormously cruel using terminology reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s. A former director-general Mark Thompson admitted to Laura Kuenssberg that Lineker's tweet violated policies. He said the controversy was a grey area because Lineker was a sports broadcaster and the company had to strike a balance when implementing the laws. According to Mr. Thompson the BBC has entered the 21st century.

According to the writer There is a need to think carefully about where to strike a balance. "New behaviors new public attitudes and new comprehensible sentiments from people for example a freelancer like Gary Lineker have all emerged. As a result of Lineker's ban other commentators and broadcasters withdrew from Saturday's MOTD show including Ian Wright and Alan Shearer. It was impossible to broadcast Football Focus Final Score or 5Live's Fighting Discussion. Gary Lineker's son George stated that his father would "not back down on his commitment" in an interview with the Sunday Mirror.

According to a BBC insider, director general Tim Davie has made it clear that he wants to resolve the situation and get the Match of the Day anchor back to the screen.

The boy remarked that Dad is a nice man and a decent human and I'm proud of him for keeping his word. He was removed from the show because he refused to apologize for his behavior. Nonetheless he will constantly stand up for those who are voiceless. He adopted two refugees he is still in touch with and working to assist since he is enthusiastic about supporting refugee charities. To defend those whose only option is to flee a nation with just the clothing on their backs means a lot to him. He has been so firm because of this. Will he watch Match of the Day again? He enjoys watching Match of the Day. Yet he never gives up on it. In support of Lineker former Tory chancellor George Osborne criticized some of his party's rhetoric over immigration policy.

On Channel 4's The Andrew Neil Show he said: "Personally I think some of the language used on immigration by some Conservatives not all is unacceptable. I feel a lot of sympathy for Tim Davie the director-general who is struggling to maintain the BBC's impartiality during this polarised time. Everything ended up being a complete mess. Tim Patten director-general of the BBC issued an apology on Saturday for the interference with the network's sports coverage. I'm extremely sorry for the disturbance today" he stated in a statement to BBC News in Washington DC. I'm sorry that audiences were impacted and missed the programming it's been a challenging day.

I'm sorry as a devoted sports fan I realise that missing programming is a tremendous disappointment. We make a lot of effort to fix the problem and restore output to the air. The director-general stated that while "everyone wants to address the matter gently" he would not discuss the negotiations. "Gary Lineker is a great broadcaster. He continued without disputing that he was the finest in the field. To be clear for me success means that Gary returns to the air and that we provide the audiences with the elite sports coverage that as I said I'm sorry we couldn't do today.

Commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball began Radio 5 Live's broadcast of today's two Premier League games with the following statement: "I want to reaffirm what we stated before our football coverage yesterday. I'm sure you'll agree that BBC Sport and everyone in the department are going through a difficult moment right now. We hope that everything is settled as quickly as possible.

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