"" Saudi Arabia, the peacemaker

Saudi Arabia, the peacemaker

 Saudi authorities have made overt efforts to promote peace in recent weeks, with Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan travelling to both Moscow and Kyiv to offer the Kingdom's assistance in mediating an end to the conflict in Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, to facilitate the restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, National Security Advisor Dr Musaed bin Mohammed Al-Aiban travelled to China. As a result, they ended after six years of conflicts and unrest in the Middle East, paving the way for fresh ideas for achieving peace locally and globally.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, and Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, in Moscow

Saudi Arabia has long advocated for world peace, using its reputable position to help parties resolve problems through mediation. Only the continuous Saudi intervention ended the protracted civil conflict in Lebanon. In 2002, Saudi Arabia launched the Arab League's most comprehensive peace plan, which offered a viable Palestinian state in exchange for peace with Israel and fully restored relations with all Arab nations. We are a nation that works to mend fences for ourselves and others. Also, Saudi Arabia might be the only nation in the world able to convene all Muslim and Arab leaders in Makkah with a week's notice to advance global peace.

The fact that all three monotheistic religions originated in our area and that a line of prophets disseminated the message of peace throughout our countries and eventually the entire world is not a coincidence. Tragically, our region has had a lot of terrible wars. But the dove of peace with its olive branch emerges from the ruins of conflict. She directs a galaxy of light towards humanity. She flies wherever she pleases without worrying about being blasted out of the sky because she knows countless other doves of peace will rise behind her. We are one of these peace-loving doves, carrying out our duty to make amends with those with whom we have had conflicts while illuminating the path for others. Whether speaking to Israelis or Iranians, We light a candle at night, and it burns until we are all asleep. Just as our prophets did in the past, this galaxy of light shed light on the globe.

She should feel secure whenever the dove of peace flies with her message and olive branch. The candle of peace shines through any ruins to illuminate the path through the night and give us the ability to see. The flames of hatred and devastation may roar, and our Mother Nature may lie spent and worn out. Peace needs all the assistance it can get. We are prepared to assist in a concerted effort to settle problems in the Middle East currently at peace with itself. Now, the UN itself needs the inspiration provided by that example. Saudi Arabia takes pleasure in promoting peace because we have an open mind and are guided by the clear teachings of our prophets. We want to be of service to others, but we also want to protect the ecosystem that supports us all.

Since the world desperately needs steps for peace, the response to Saudi Arabia's most recent initiatives has been overwhelmingly supportive. What motivates us, especially in light of today's events in Ukraine and Russia, is the prospect of once more experiencing the comfort of hope and witnessing a galaxy of light shine for peace in every language. Pablo Picasso once said that "activity is the foundational key to all success," which is a quote that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken to heart. We know that promoting peace has become a part of our Saudi DNA, so we have greeted this new leadership and the flying doves of peace with thunderous acclaim. Let the peace doves soar, let the peace light soar, and may Saudi Arabia carry on with its mission for peace to assist and enlighten the world.

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