"" What Stormy Daniels claims during judicial process

What Stormy Daniels claims during judicial process

The adult actress who is the subject of the former president's charge said she will not fear the former president in court since "he could not be any scarier with his clothes on."

The adult actress at the center of Donald Trump's charge claims that while the legal process will incite violence, it also demonstrates that the former president is no longer above reproach.

After the specifics of the allegations were made public, according to Stormy Daniels, she has also been the target of death threats.

In an interview with The Times, she declared: "Whatever the result, there will be violence, injuries, and deaths.

When it was initially reported that Ms. Daniels received a $130,000 (£105,000) payment from Trump's lawyers in exchange for her quiet on an adulterous affair a decade earlier, her name has been associated with him for years.

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Even though the former president's indictment has not been sealed, Trump is scheduled to be arraigned on around 30 counts of charges relating to document fraud on Tuesday.

"Trump can now be challenged. A person in authority is not above the law. And regardless of your position or bank account balance, justice is done, and you are held responsible for your words and deeds." She continued by saying she wouldn't be intimidated by Donald Trump in court. "He was exposed to me once. He could not possibly be more terrifying while wearing clothes."

Ms. Daniels said Trump's indictment was "poetic" and a "vindication."

She described the threats she has received: "The quantity and level of violence are the same as they were the last time. This time, the threat is, "I'm going to kill you." These are far more graphic and brutal.

"I'm not afraid of him or the government, but all it takes is one insane person who believes they are defending democracy or working for God," the speaker says.

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