"" The EU and other regional nations welcome the resumption of Saudi-Iran relations.

The EU and other regional nations welcome the resumption of Saudi-Iran relations.

The EU applauded Saudi Arabia and Iran's decision to resume diplomatic ties on Saturday. Peter Stano, the head of the EU's external relations department, said: "The European Union welcomes the reported agreement on resuming bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country of Saudi Arabia moves forward to its execution.

He stated, "The EU acknowledges the diplomatic efforts leading to this crucial milestone. Revising their bilateral relations can help stabilize the area overall because Saudi Arabia and Iran are essential to the region's security.

After seven years of animosity, Iran and Saudi Arabia decided to mend fences and reopen embassies.

After years of animosity between the two nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed on Friday to resume diplomatic relations and restore their embassies within two months as part of a deal mediated by China.

The EU "remains willing to engage with all parties in the region in a gradual and inclusive approach, and full transparency," He added that achieving de-escalation of tensions and promoting peace and stability in the greater Middle East are top goals for the organization.

France also hailed the deal, and Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna stated that her nation welcomes discussion and any initiative that might help defuse tensions and improve regional security and stability. Colonna reaffirmed her demand for Iran to stop its regionally unstable behavior.

Egypt expressed gratitude for the "important step" taken by Riyadh and Tehran, which will ease tension in regional relations. It reaffirmed the Kingdom's adherence to the UN principles of respecting states' sovereignty, refraining from meddling in their internal affairs, and increasing regional security and stability.

The Egyptian Presidency's spokesman, Ahmed Fahmy, said that his country expects this development to have a positive influence on Iran's international and regional policies and that it gives Iran a chance to adopt a policy that responds to the region's legitimate concerns in a way that increases opportunities for cooperation and the development of positive relations.

The transaction was praised by Tunisia, which also released a statement praising China's contribution to its creation. The region's security and stability will be improved, all sources of friction will be eliminated, and a new chapter of cooperation between them will be established, the foreign ministry expressed hope.

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