"" US drone loses control after colliding with Russian fighter

US drone loses control after colliding with Russian fighter

This afternoon a Russian fighter jet collided with a US MQ-9 Reaper drone in international airspace over the Black Sea forcing the latter to crash.

The US is attempting to destroy drone "secrets" and Russia is probably frantically attempting to recover them.

The incident involving a US drone and a Russian fighter plane "underlines the potential of confrontation" between the two countries. She explained that because of the conflict in Ukraine there is now more ship and aviation activity in the region raising the possibility of unintentional escalation. According to Haynes the MQ-9 Reaper drone will contain "sensitive elements on board" and the US cannot yet recover it. The Americans will have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that anything secret is inaccessible, removed or destroyed.

Military press secretary Pat Ryder, US drone loses control after colliding with Russian fighter

She continues by saying that simultaneously the Russians will mobilize to recover the wreckage of the expensive automobile. Russia said the drone was sighted close to Crimea but the US categorically refuted this a symptom of the "information war" waging concurrently with the conflict on the battlefield.

The issue is "obviously being taken very seriously" according to Haynes who notes that the Russian ambassador has been invited to the White House. Drone accident 'certainly damaged' according to Military R-27 aircraft.

While drone interceptions are routine "this type of behavior is unusual, regrettable and risky" Military press secretary Pat Ryder tells reporters.

He says the Russian pilots conduct was "unsafe and unprofessional" He continues "I think the actions speak for themselves." According to Mr. Ryder the Russian Su-27 that collided with the drone's propeller was certainly damaged. After the incident the drone's operators were compelled to crash it because the MQ-9's damaged propeller rendered it uncontrolled.

When asked if the drone was flying close to Ukraine he clarified that it was "far clear of any land in Ukraine." He says "Russia does not have the drone" but refuses to comment on efforts to recover the drone.

The Military won't comment on whether weapons were on board. Still the MQ-9 drone was conducting an intelligence and reconnaissance mission in international waters and is capable of carrying weapons according to Mr. Ryder. According to him two Su-27s were flying beside the drone for around 40 minutes but before the accident there were no radio conversations between the US and Russia regarding the drone.

Anatoly Antonov, US drone loses control after colliding with Russian fighter

The White House calls the ambassador of Russia.

In response to the collision between a US drone and a Russian fighter plane over international waters the White House has summoned the Russian ambassador. If you've just joined us two Su-27 aircraft had repeatedly thrown fuel in its path to intercept the drone before clipping its propeller in what the US described as a "reckless" maneuver.

The most recent of these acts the downing of the MQ-9 was labelled as "harmful and might lead to miscalculation and unwanted escalation" by the US European Command. To express their concerns the White House contacts Russian officials at "high levels." Anatoly Antonov will arrive in Washington this afternoon (local time).

We'll hear from the Pentagon by 6:30 p.m.

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