"" When and how frequently should you post on social media platforms

When and how frequently should you post on social media platforms

When posting on social media, one must carefully consider the number and timing of posts in relation to the distinct audience behaviour of each site. This is a thorough strategy that will help you post at the best times and most frequently on all the major social media networks:

Influencer marketing is one of the fast-evolving marketing strategies necessary with the rise of social media platforms over the past ten years to get your business noticed. How frequently social media marketers should publish on social media is a topic of frequent confusion. They continually come up with solutions to issues like

How many posts would be OK for my Facebook page?

How many tweets should I send out to promote my brand on Twitter?

What number of videos should I upload to YouTube?

When is the best time to post something on my social media accounts?

Marketers who use LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms pose the same queries.

There needs to be a guideline for how much content is appropriate for your social media marketing campaign, further complicating the issue. Your choice of social media marketing platform will determine everything. Social media trends frequently change, proving that nothing is permanent. Leading trends today should be considered the next day. Keep up with these rapidly evolving trends to succeed on social media marketing platforms.

As a social media marketer, you must master this art, which can only be learned via experience. There isn't a reliable manual on how to master these techniques.


Facebook is a "low volume, high-value network," according to our classification. Why does that matter? It means that by publishing a small number of excellently written posts on this site, you can produce work of high quality. It's vital to remember that you shouldn't post so that all of your followers' newsfeeds are flooded with your content. Ensure the content you upload is of the highest caliber possible; never on the side of caution.

Begin with one post each day and work your way up to two posts per day. Post it for most of your audience between 9 am and 6 pm.

When and how frequently should you post on social media platforms


It is a "high volume, poor value" platform; although you are required to publish frequently, the quality of the results is not as good as the quality of the input.

10 to 25 tweets per day will be a good frequency. Depending on the outcomes, you can either grow or reduce.

It's one of the social networking platforms with the fastest growth. Tweeter feed like a car traveling quickly down a motorway. Here, a tweet has an average lifespan of just 18 minutes.

Google +

This social media site is very much comparable to Facebook. Start with five posts each week if you can consistently produce quality content, and based on your performance, you may expand that number to 10.


This network has a high volume and great value. You can reach a large audience by pinning excessively frequently each day. You must publish here frequently and with high-quality information. Start with five posts daily; after a month of evaluation, you can increase that to ten.


The focus of YouTube is videos. It differs from social media platforms with infographics, like Facebook, where a user scrolls through his feed. One video per week would be a nice strategy. You can increase up to two or three times per week, depending on your results and available time.

Avoid upsetting your supporters.

You must maintain a balance between how frequently you can publish and how frequently you post. Only post simply because you have content ready to go; this is bad form and will irritate your social media followers. This will cause people to stop following your page or group, and you must prevent it at all costs.

One advice is to avoid posting too frequently, but another is to avoid being too quiet lest you lose your followers to rivals. Remember that you have many competitors; pay attention to how frequently they post. You are one of many using marketing to draw in customers. You can change your frequency by watching your competitors' marketing strategies.

See Success Stories of Social Media Marketers

Following the testimonies of successful social media marketers is a wonderful idea because you can get a decent notion of how frequently and when to post your items. You can then use this to plan better how commonly you should post on social media.

Predict, assess, modify, and then repeat.

It would help if you started somewhere because there are no established standards for frequently publishing across all niches. Draft a plan first, evaluate the outcomes, and adjust your plan before trying again. The best approach to using social media sites successfully is this one.

One post every day, for instance, is a good place to start when publishing on Facebook. Continue doing that for a full month. Following that, the effectiveness of this method will start to become apparent. Depending on the findings, you may change how often you post.


The quantity of your posts is less significant than your constancy in posting. Never let this happen. If you consistently provide high-quality content, your followers will continue following you. Publish high-quality content frequently and work to improve it continually.

Understand that social media is an excellent tool for marketing but that there are detailed guidelines and ever-changing trends. No set formula exists for how many posts are appropriate for a certain social networking platform.

As a social media marketer, you must be prepared with information about your goals and the time available for producing high-quality content. After considering these few points, you may confidently begin promoting on various social media platforms.

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