"" The Top 6 Tools for Free Instagram Likes and Following

The Top 6 Tools for Free Instagram Likes and Following

Most of these solutions offer a risk-free trial period with the choice to upgrade as your needs change. The free version is generally all you need. Check out our top tools to see which ones you can use right away to increase your Instagram following.


You likely already invest significant effort in creating high-quality photographs for your Instagram account. Yet, more is needed for an effective marketing plan to expand your Instagram following.


Even if you have amazing content, it will only help you if your intended audience knows it. SnapWidget truly shines in this situation. It enables you to share your Instagram feed outside of Instagram quickly.

You may embed Instagram videos and photographs on your website with SnapWidget. Depending on which best complements your website, the photographs, and videos can be shown in a grid, a slideshow, or a scrolling widget.

Also, this tool is for more than just Instagram. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even when you aren't actively posting, you may quickly expand your reach by linking your social media accounts to your website.


Frequently engaging with your target audience is one of the best strategies to gain free Instagram followers quickly. Neil Patel, the industry's foremost expert on the subject, claims that if you like and follow 50 users each hour, you can gain up to 300 new followers per day.

The issue?

Most individuals need more time (or inclination) to spend so much time on Instagram. Here, Growr enters the picture. With this cutting-edge tool, you have to link your Instagram account and choose your target hashtags, and Growr will handle the engagement on your behalf.

Growr searches for users who have used your chosen hashtags, like their photos, and follow their accounts round-the-clock. Hence, some of those targeted accounts will inevitably return to your account. You will acquire free new followers naturally after they view your stuff.

That is the simplest and quickest approach to gaining new Instagram followers consistently.

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Promotions and giveaways are other simple approaches to increase activity on your Instagram account. You may organize giveaways using a variety of web platforms or even just your comment area.

But you should use a platform like Wyng if you want to take your promotion to the next marketing level.

By incorporating user-generated content, Wyng enables you to tailor your marketing entirely. This allows you to include consumers and increase your follower base through a conventional promotion.

What's best?

Like Growr's automated procedure, Wyng posts a planned comment in response to user content to express "thanks for sharing" and draw more attention to your Instagram account.

This close interaction with your target market enables you to gain free, real followers on Instagram swiftly.


Using hashtags is one of the finest strategies to reach your desired audience on Instagram. Your reach is immediately increased to everyone searching that hashtag by adding a hashtag to your image. This is especially advantageous because you allow users interested in your content to see your Instagram account.

By making your Tagboard available to your followers, Tagboard gives another option for users to engage with your account.

But how you use the data will determine how well you use this tool. You can easily tell how well-liked a hashtag is when you enter one. In addition, you will observe the hashtag's trends and associated and perhaps more well-liked hashtags.

Even though you might not use a gadget like this daily, it will undoubtedly come in handy occasionally. The easiest way to use hashtags to expand your overall reach is to use Tagboard, a terrific free Instagram follower hack.

Increased reach translates into more Instagram followers.


Standing on the shoulders of giants is another guaranteed strategy to broaden your audience. Instead of establishing a credible Instagram account, look to other successful accounts already doing the time-consuming work.

Any account with a sizable following of active users is an influencer. Since the influencer and their followers already have a rapport, their posts will reach more of your target demographic than anything you could ever publish on your account.

FameBit enters the picture in this situation. You can share your post on a different, more popular Instagram account by running an influencer campaign with FameBit.

You design a campaign on the platform with your main objectives in mind. You can mention your objectives on the site whether you want more visibility or you are conducting a promotion. Also, you decide on your budget, target audience, and preferred post style. Your campaign is then published on the site for review by all registered influencers.

Influencers can approve your campaign and start crafting the featured post as soon as they see it and like it. While some influencers will make their posts and include your account in the comments, others will give you unlimited creative power.

The influencer then shares the photo, bringing thousands of their followers to your unassuming Instagram account.

Even though influencer campaigns might be rather expensive, depending on the influencer you choose, they will help you gain real followers who are more likely to become paying customers. And for that reason, you must have this marketing tactic in your toolbox as it is highly successful.


Even if you use the tactics above, you can still see a slow flow of new followers. After spending a lot of time and work developing your social media marketing plan, this can be disheartening!

Iconosquare is a useful tool because of this. It enables you to monitor the data to determine which tactics are effective and which are not. You can use it to track your development and improve your performance to attract as many new followers as possible.


Its main features let you keep track of new and lost followers, the locations of your followers, and the optimal time to post based on when your followers will be online. By keeping an eye on hashtags associated with your Instagram account, you can also do the same for potential followers.

By keeping an eye on hashtags, you can quickly determine which ones give you the most exposure and user interaction compared to hashtags that clog up your post. Growing your Instagram following is simple and cost-free when you carefully use hashtags.

Iconosquare presents the information understandably well because data and analytics can frequently be daunting for most individuals. This allows you to utilize all its features with little difficulty. Small business owners who don't have the time to take marketing classes can particularly benefit from this.

There is no one-size-fits-all method for quickly obtaining free Instagram followers, but several resources are available. The secret to increasing your Instagram following is to use each of these tactics correctly.

Your Instagram following will increase organically through careful content curation, intelligent hashtag use, influencer outreach, ongoing user engagement, and successful campaigns and promotions. Your Instagram following will increase more swiftly the more you put into this marketing plan.

There is much more to social media than just sharing images. Interacting with your intended audience and getting to know your followers personally is important. You have a better chance of increasing your Instagram following by engaging with other users than simply posting and waiting.

Try out a few of these tactics, then tweak them as necessary. Tell us in the comments whatever tactics have been successful for you!

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