"" Two 10 year olds were found in US McDonald location.

Two 10 year olds were found in US McDonald location.

According to an inquiry the kids washed the floors occasionally worked at the drive-thru and cash register and one of them even had access to the deep-fat fryer.

According to an inquiry two 10-year-old kids worked unpaid shifts in a Kentucky McDonald's restaurant until two in the morning.

The minors who were not identified for legal reasons, made and served meals at a Louisville location of the fast food chain, according to the US Department of Labour (DoL).

The DoL also stated that the children were employed by Bauer Food, LLC, a Louisville-based company that runs 10 McDonald's franchise restaurants in two states.

It was found that both kids had worked the drive-through and cash register, occasionally cleaned the floors and one had even been given access to the deep-fat fryer.

The investigation discovered that they were also not compensated for their shifts which occasionally lasted until two in the morning.

Additionally the kids had access to "dangerous equipment" that was not permitted for workers under the age of 16.

Sean Bauer, the owner of the Bauer Food chain told CBS News that the kids were visiting their mom a night manager at the eatery.

He said that the management of the franchisee company had yet to permit the kids to be in that property area and that whatever work they conducted was under their parent's supervision.

Additionally Mr. Bauer stated that the business has ensured that all employees know the rules regarding kids visiting their parents and guardians at work.

Additionally it was found that three franchisees who collectively control over sixty McDonald's restaurants in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio had "employed 305 children to work additional than the legally permitted hours and perform jobs prohibited by law for young workers" the DoL said in a statement.

The Department of Labour stated in a news release that among numerous infractions of federal labor rules committed by three Kentucky McDonald's franchise owners were two 10-year-old workers at a Louisville McDonald's location. 

Investigators found that two 10-year-old youngsters worked often until two in the morning without being paid.

It further stated that the three franchisees are subject to a combined civil money penalty of $212,754 (£169,788) for child labor offenses.

The district head of the agency's wage and hour division, Karen Garnett-Civils, stated: "Employers frequently disregard the regulations that protect children from child employment.

"Under no circumstances should a 10-year-old child work near hot grills, ovens or deep fryers in a fast-food establishment."

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