"" Users of WhatsApp will be eligible to alter their messages

Users of WhatsApp will be eligible to alter their messages

Users of WhatsApp will have 15 minutes to revise their messages after they've been sent but the recipient will be made aware of the changes.

Clients of  WhatsApp will be allowed to edit their messages but only for 15 minutes right after the time of sending.

The newly released feature has begun to roll out on a messaging app owned by Meta and in a couple of weeks it will be accessible to all users.

Messages will have a label noting that they have been altered but the label won't specify which adjustments have been made.

A user must press and hold a message and click "edit" from the drop-down menu when trying to edit one.

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Once the message has been sent, the capacity for editing will remain active for a duration of 15 minutes.

The business claimed in a blog post that the recently introduced feature is for "the moments when you make an error, or just switch your mind."

"We're blessed to give you more leverage over your conversation," the company stated. "From addressing a simple typo to providing additional details for a message."

Since the creation of the edit feature by messaging apps Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp is the most latest platform to offer it.

Last year, Twitter made its Edit Tweet option available to paid customers.

Since almost a decade ago, Facebook has enabled users to modify posts and comments, but not messages.

Right after Meta's revelation that users would be able to lock and hide chats, WhatsApp presented its most recent version.

A conversation thread will be relocated into a new folder that is only accessible with a password or biometric, such as a person's face or a fingerprint, by conversation Lock, which will erase it from the app's standard display inbox.

Although Meta stated it as "an additional layer of security," this feature might conflict with the UK governance's online safety bill.

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