It's both heartwarming and motivating to hear about people's lives. Every one of our lives eventually serves as a reminder that life is limited and frequently ends far sooner than we imagined. Too many people wait their whole lives for happiness. They wait all day for 5 o'clock, all week for Sunday, all year for vacations and so on. Don't like that. Don't wait till the end of your life to realize how wonderful it was and how many great moments you had. You need to get up now!

Here are some positive thinking and optimistic facts you need to learn today before it’s too late:

Life is not too long.

80 years is not a trustworthy period. Many people die before it. You must stand up today because it is your life. Accept what is correct. Resolve the issues that are most important for you. Never fail to express your gratitude to the people you care about while standing up for them. So stop and think for a moment. Go ahead and start doing whatever you want to do.

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Your current efforts will be rewarded in the future.

When putting consistent effort to accomplish a goal one thing you have to ask yourself is Am I able to experience some of my years in a way that many people can't, so I can enjoy my remaining days in a way that many others cannot? Think about that. May your goals overcome your anxieties. May your actions be stronger than your words and may your last noise be successful.

Do something right now that your future will cherish.

When you take charge and work hard it feels like your troubles are lifted by a kind friend. So take action today that your future self will value. You'll thank yourself tomorrow. Do something now that you will be proud in the future.

Failures only serve as lessons.

Good things happen to those who still believe after experiencing failure, who still love after experiencing hurt and who still hope after experiencing disappointment. Therefore be kind to yourself and learn from everything that didn't work. Remind yourself that you are still good enough even if people let you down. You can be intelligent, competent and skilled while also failing. You can disappoint people and still be valuable and worthy of love and adulation. Everybody makes mistakes occasionally. Breathe in deeply. You are free to be a person and pick up directions as you go.

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Your most valuable relationship is with you.

In an effort to win everyone's approval and acceptance we occasionally attempt to present ourselves as perfect. But we can't make every people happy and satisfied. Our sensitivity, our deep emotions and our genuine weaknesses are what make us beautiful. Real relationships, real pleasure and real success are all possible when we decide to be real rather than what we believe others want us to be. So take care of your current relationship with yourself. You are strong, intelligent and good looking. You already have value you don't need anyone else to confirm it.

A person's act speaks everything about them.

There are individuals in your life who say the right things at the right time but in the end you should always judge people by their deeds. Consequently pay attention to what others do. You can nearly always learn everything you need to know from their behavior. Additionally keep in mind that today is too crucial to waste. Count your blessings, appreciate the people who are actually important to you and rise above the drama with dignity. Keep in mind that you are no longer worried about the unimportant things that used to drain you is the best sign of your development.

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Kindness can affect the world even in small ways.

Just keep reminding yourself that everyone you see is another person with hopes, fears, loves and losses just like your own. Continue being kind please. The only investment that consistently pays off over time is kindness. Additionally there is always a chance to be kind wherever there are people. Learn to share even if it's only a smile not out of a sense of entitlement but rather a recognition that so many others experience a lack of any kind.

Every beautiful life has some kind of pain hidden behind it.

You fall and lose your balance, you make mistakes and fall short, yet you persevere. You grow via experience. You are an imperfect human being. You have been hurt not lost. Consider what a wonderful gift it is to develop via these experiences, learning to breathe, think, strive and overcome barriers while seeking your passions. Yes there will be heartbreak occasionally along the way but it's a little price to pay for immeasurable experiences of love and joy. Therefore even if it hurts you must keep moving forward because you know the inner strength that has supported you.

Pain can only be relieved with time.

Time is clearly a crucial element of the healing process. Even though it might lessen some of the suffering, grief or other unpleasant feelings. Time can aid in emotional pain recovery. Time helps us forget or numb the discomfort brought on by the experience.

It's your time now.

I wish you a similarly inspired day today as well as the courage to accept and learn from the difficulties you cannot change. I also wish you to dream big and positively to make some progress that didn't exist before you took action and to love and be loved in return. Most importantly I hope that you will always be extra kind to yourself and others.

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