"" Three sons of Ismail Haniyeh killed in an air strike.

Three sons of Ismail Haniyeh killed in an air strike.

Israel-Gaza War: Ismail Haniyeh the chairman of Hamas, claims three sons were killed in an airstrike.

Ismail Haniyeh the political head of Hamas announced that an airstrike in Gaza killed the lives of three of his sons and four of his grandkids.

According to Hamas-affiliated media the car of his sons were travelling  was struck in the Al-Shati camp which is close to Gaza City.

According to Haniyeh the event will not affect Hamas's objectives in negotiations for a cease-fire agreement.

Haniyeh rejected the accusation made by Israel's military that the sons belonged to Hamas's armed wing. 


According to reports the group of boys was travelling to a family event in honour of the first day of Eid which is  a Muslim holiday.

Three sons, Muhammad, Amir and Hazem had stayed in Gaza during the conflict.

Israel gaza war update: Three sons of Ismail Haniyeh killed in an air strike.

Mona, Amal, Khaled and Razan four of Haniyeh's grandkids were among those slain in the "treacherous and cowardly" hit, according to a statement later issued by Hamas.

Haniyeh stated to have heard the news while seeing to injured Palestinians who had been flown to Doha, the capital of Qatar where the head of Hamas resides for medical attention.

Hamas expressed gratitude to God for the "honour" he had received from the "martyrdom of his children and grandchildren" in statements that were posted on the Hamas Telegram channel.

Noting that they were the sons of Ismail Haniyeh, the Israeli military claimed to have "eliminated three Hamas military wing operatives in the central Gaza Strip". The alleged passing of Haniyeh's grandchildren was not mentioned in the statement.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Haniyeh denied claims that his sons were Hamas soldiers.

US President Joe Biden has sent William Burns, the director of the CIA, to Cairo for the most recent round of negotiations as pressure from around the world to come to a ceasefire agreement mounts.

The most recent plan which Hamas claims it is examining proposes to exchange 900 Palestinian prisoners imprisoned in Israeli jails for the release of 40 Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

Having been a key figure in the movement since 1980, Haniyeh is recognised by many as the leader of Hamas as a whole. In 2017, he was chosen to lead Hamas political department and in 2018, the US Department of State classified him as a terrorist.

Haniyeh's family has lost more members to the conflict than only these. There have been reports of another son being killed in February, his brother and nephew in October and a grandson in November.

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