"" WhatsApp is now testing in-app calling.

WhatsApp is now testing in-app calling.

The new functionality of the Meta app lets users connect with unsaved numbers.

WhatsApp is developing an in-app dialer that will enable users to make phone calls straight from the app using cellular data or WiFi.

The Meta-owned app has seen a major makeover in the past two years.

From group video calls to a new chat category separation, the user experience has been carefully improved. Additionally according to Mobile App Daily the tech giant intends to roll out a convenience feature for all of its customers this time.

According to reports it is working on an in-app dialer that would let users call people straight from the app without having to save their phone number.

Up until now users of the Meta app were unable to connect or find data without preserving the numbers. This firewall was put in place to shield users from unsolicited calls and prevent them from accessing their personal information.

Nonetheless WhatsApp can be utilised as a default dialer which means that it will increase connectivity to unsaved numbers thanks to its new in-app dialer feature.

Personal information such as usernames profile photographs and other details will be available only once the contact number has been saved, in accordance with each user's privacy preferences.

The WhatsApp Beta version is being used to test the in-app dialer feature. It will be made available to a select group of Beta programme participants. 

WhatsApp rolling out in-app dialer

In the past six months WhatsApp has enabled limited testing for AI sticker generation and one-on-one and group chats using Meta AI. We are actively working to enable more users to take use of everything that Meta AI has to offer directly within WhatsApp. Today Meta AI received a number of updates that we will roll out gradually including the ability to access it in twelve different countries.

More Locations: We're now offering Meta AI in English in over a dozen new countries, including Australia, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Zambia, Canada, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe with more to follow. It's presently available in English in the United States.

Search or Ask Meta AI: From the search bar at the top of your chats you may now ask Meta AI a question. Simply begin typing and Meta AI will provide options for you to consider or you can continue typing to ask a full inquiry. Leading search companies offer answers on sports, entertainment and current affairs.

Videos and images in a flash: You may now visualise an image and instantly see it. A fresh image will be revealed in real time every few letters, along with a shareable video of the production. This technology is dependent on the most recent image models that Meta AI has made available.

We anticipate expanding WhatsApp's creative capabilities and further improving Meta AI's performance in the upcoming months. Even while there is a lot to be optimistic about generative AI isn't flawless yet. We would love to know what folks think about how well it is working for them. If you want to share intriguing pictures or explain how you're utilising Meta AI on WhatsApp tag us on Threads. As we proceed on this adventure together we would be delighted to hear from you.

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