"" Has King Charles expelled Harry and Meghan from the UK

Has King Charles expelled Harry and Meghan from the UK

After being told they would only have two weeks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been permitted until the summer to pack up their stuff. According to the Mirror Prince Harry and Meghan Markle admitted that King Charles had expelled them from frogmore cottage after it was rumored that the monarch decided and offer the house to Prince Andrew. A Sussexes official informed the Mirror that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had been ordered to vacate their residence at frogmore cottage.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationships with the rest of the royal family were at an all time low according to Omid Scobie, one of the authors of the biography of Harry and Meghan finding Freedom, King Charles' decision to sell the property came after Prince Harry published his contentious memoir spare in january.

Has King Charles expelled Harry and Meghan from the UK? What is their reaction?

Omid scobie reports that at least two members of the Royal Family have been stunned and appalled by the revelation leaving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speechless. Although previously told they would only have two weeks to pack Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been given until the summer to do so.

It seems very conclusive and like a harsh punishment. Omid scobie stated, It seems like the family wants to remove them from the picture permanently. The late monarch Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the frogmore cottage a wedding gift after their nuptials in 2018. The cottage which had previously been five different homes for staff members working on the Windsor Estate was changed into a single dwelling according to the Mirror.

According to reports Harry and Meghan inquired whether living quarters could be made available after their marriage since they wanted to reside inside the Castle itself. The only residents of the real castle at the time were the Queen and Philip everyone else resided elsewhere on the estate.

They were reportedly politely but firmly suggested to reside in Frogmore Cottage instead by the queen. In her book The New Royals, royal historian Katie Nicholl made yet another assertion on the late Queen's choice to give her grandson and his wife the spectacular home as a wedding present.

The late Lady Elizabeth Anson who passed away in 2020 reportedly told the Queen that the Windsor residence was a big deal and that she hoped Harry and Meghan would respect her generosity according to Nicholl. According to a remark from Lady Elizabeth, The cottage was a major thing. Their cottage is very adjacent to the Queen's entrance to the gardens. In essence it serves as her own space, her backyard and her isolation. By giving Harry and Meghan Frogmore Cottage she was giving that up. We all believed that she had acted extremely boldly. I hope they'll respect it she remarked.

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