"" Why are people unhappy with Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Why are people unhappy with Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Many are unhappy that Twitter Blue subscribers can no longer recognize Twitter's traditional verified checkmarks.

Although Elon Musk's warning to remove legacy verified checkmarks on April 1st they are still present on the social networking site you can no longer verify whether someone has paid for their blue tick or not.

Since it can no longer determine who paid for their blue checkmark on Twitter many users are upset and perplexed.

Why are people unhappy with Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Twitter said last month that it would stop offering the traditional verified program and eliminate the checkmarks in favor of charging users for the coveted blue tick.

Elon Musk owned company recommended that those wishing to preserve their checkmark sign up for Twitter Blue which costs $8 (£6.51) monthly for individual web users.

Twitters heritage Blue Verified is regrettably highly compromised therefore will sunset in a few months Musk wrote in a tweet from back in February.

Legacy verified users have discovered that their checkmarks are still present even though the change was supposed to go into effect on April 1st.

It was then discovered that Twitter had altered the description for legacy verified accounts raising whether Musk was playing an April Fools' joke.

This account is verified because it is a subscription to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account according to the new description that appears when users click on a blue checkmark, grouping, legacy verified accounts and Twitter Blue subscribers.

It used to say: This account was validated in the past. It might or might not be noteworthy.

So it is now hard to distinguish between individuals who were verified before the implementation of the legacy verified program and those who paid for a blue checkmark.

Checkmark is taken off of New York Times.

While many of Twitter's well known users prepare to do without the blue checkmarks that served as identification and verification Musk has removed them from one news organization.

One of Musk's least favorite news sources the New York Times has had the verification check mark removed from its main account.

It follows the newspaper's Thursday announcement that it would not pay Twitter to verify its institutional accounts.

Before making negative comments about the Times the CEO of Twitter announced early on Sunday that the checkmark would be withdrawn.

On Sunday numerous reporters for the news organization and other Times accounts such as its business news and opinion sites still had either blue or gold checkmarks.

The Times they have stated on Sunday that it has no plans to pay the monthly cost for checkmark status for its institutional Twitter accounts.

We also won't pay journalists for Twitter Blue for personal accounts excepting very rare circumstances in which this status would be crucial for reporting.

The checkmarks were still on The Associated Press accounts at noon on Sunday even though it has also stated that it will not pay for them.

End this mess

Many legacies confirmed Anger about being misidentified as a Twitter Blue subscriber had been expressed on Twitter by people.

This is deceiving B******* someone tweeted. I have no intention of subscribing to Twitter Blue. I have a validated legacy account. This mess must end.

Someone else remarked: "Elon's trying to protect the Twitter Blue users from criticism by eliminating legacy verified accounts rather than erasing the blue tick? Who is @TwitterBlue anyway? I did not purchase the blue tick.

A third wrote that Musk couldn't simply mass delete legacy blue checkmarks because it would be too complicated saying: "Okay so after realizing it would be difficult (and embarrassing) to disable legacy checks he recently changed the description of every legacy verified user to imply that perhaps we are paying for Twitter Blue. This establishes a new Not Crazy global record."

And YouTuber Eddy Buback expressed his embarrassment at being mistaken for a Twitter Blue follower in the following way: "This is far worse than accepting the checkmark my god. I didn't pay Elon. I'd rather pass away."

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